The Accidentals



Some of the local newspapers in Durban have described The Accidentals as a ‘supergroup’ that always makes me laugh as that is seriously impossible for a rock ‘n roll band in a place like Durban. I will say this though, the musicians who back my songwriting on this one are a lot more competent on their instruments than me. This can only be a bonus. Andrew ‘Lappies’ Loubser pretty much put this one together, he called me up one day and said ‘I heard you and Hezron and jamming, I’ll play drums you know anyone who can play bass?’ I was like ok cool. This band really is probably the act that has showed the most potential of doing big things out of every band I’ve ever played in. However day jobs, kids and generally life hinder us from getting on the road that often.

Matt Vend